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A Good Life

Authors: Jan Fortune

Published by Bluechrome Publishing

ISBN: 9782904781714

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All Jim wants is a good life, but when he turns up in London, at his daughter, Liz’s home, eighteen months after walking out of his life, the threads of the past finally unravel for Jim and the women in his life.

What were the unlikely events that led Jim, a middle aged man made redundant from his dreary job on Teesside, to life in the Philippines with a beautiful young woman? Why has he left Manuela behind and returned to his loveless marriage with Rita? What is the bitterness at the heart of his relationship with his wife, and what is the true nature of his relationship with his daughter, Liz?

A Good Life is an exploration of family secrets, dreams and lies. It is about the way memory is reconstructed and how those closest to us can wreak harm and betrayal, but, above all, it is about the power of the human spirit to live in hope and nurture new life.
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