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American Voodoo

Published by Bluechrome Publishing

ISBN: 9781904781950

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American Voodoo, Michael Paul Hogan’s debut collection of poetry is strongly coloured by his perpetual travel and need to see, smell, hear and generally experience all of the world’s flowers.

But he isn’t a fey, lyrical poet; his work has an edge that is rarely seen in English poetry, and is usually countered with a subtle humour and an innate, seemingly effortless quality that many better-known poets would die for.

He travels the world, typewriter in hand like some latter-day soldier-poet, and this world, seen through his eyes and recorded in his magnificent verse, is a fantastic and varied place to be.

This is intelligent, innovative writing; the language is lucid and accessible, but not always what it seems. There are layers of meaning here.
— Envoi
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