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Published by Red Squirrel Press

ISBN: 9781910437056

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Arcana contains fourteen poems as a sequence in the correct order of the Major Arcana of the Tarot pack. The poems refer to the traditional images associated with the cards, but obliquely and very often at a considerable distance. Consequently there is tension between the poems and their titles for the reader to resolve and enjoy. Birtley Aris' drawings extend the tension while being essentially independent and to be appreciated in their own right. Nineteen of the drawings refer to imagery from the Tarot cards together with the imagery from the poems. The remaining three refer only to the poems.

Peter Bennet is the author of several poetry collection, including a Poetry Book Society Choice. He has been shortlisted for the T. S. Eliot Prize, been a prizewinner in the National and Arvon International Poetry Competitions and in the Basil Bunting Awards.

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