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Between Languages

Published by Hearing Eye

ISBN: 9781905082216

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Your word fell
between us
hit the ground
and was left lying.

A hard piece
too large
for other words
ever to overcome.

In this collection Ingeborg Santor translates John Rety’s poems into German. Ruth Ingram, translates in turn, a selection of Ingeborg Santor’s poetry. Here are beautiful, witty, demanding poems created in two challenging languages — English and German. Between these two languages a space is created, full of possibilities, interpretations, differences of emphasis, enhancements: understandings.

John Rety felt himself reborn when he arrived in England at the tender age of seventeen, just two years after the end of World War II. He has published Song of Anarchy and Other Poems (1989); Banal Incidents from My First Period (1993); What’s in a Word (1996); A Stranger Here… (1998). Among others, he is the poetry Editor of the Well Versed column which appears on Thursdays in the Morning Star.

Ingeborg Santor, a well known German poet, was born 1941 in Koblenz and now lives in Stuttgart, where she was employed as an editor and copy writer. Her poems essays and short stories have appeared in journals, newspapers and television. Two collections of her poetry have been published: Amsellied und Kraehenschrei (l993) and Im Schneelicht (2003); a collection of short stories, Schlafmohntage appeared in 1998.

Ruth Ingram is a well known translator from the German and an admirer of Ingeborg Santor’s poetry.

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