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Published by Red Squirrel Press

ISBN: 9781906700584

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"Here are some poems of water and journeys: puddles, lakes, rivers, seas, far countries and familiar faces. Carlotta Johnson has lived in Wisconsin, Tanzania and Northumberland. She brings to her lifetime of location and dislocation gusto, wry humour, and a sense of small things well-seen and carefully reported, tracing within them currents of strangeness, migration and flow far greater than the individual human lives that contain them."
Katrina Porteous

"Like her red canoe, you travel far in Carlotta Johnson's poems. They take you to a Wisconsin childhood lulled by lake water, onwards through the scorch of Tanzania and eventually to the wildness of Northumberland's hills and rivers. These poems chart a rich and passionately-lived journey where grief and loss interweave with moments of bliss which 'shows up without invitation', and celebrate enduring love of life in all its colours. There are moving poems about sisters, whether blood relations or of wider African family, and surprising, delighting poems about puddle-hunting, a piano dragged from a parlour, a dhow named Zafanana. Carlotta Johnson's spirituality is of the earth, infused with American Indian vision and identifying with the oppressed. As she wrestles with political and ecological concerns she knows 'there is never only one version'. And sometimes her endeavour is a lonely, laborious one: 'She will do it for herself, twist, wind, draw together'. This collection is witness to her spirit, her 'energy for risk, laughter, celebration'."
Pippa Little

Carlotta Miller Johnson was born in 1940 in Wisconsin, USA. While teaching in Tanzania, East Africa, she met and married a doctor from Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England. She lived and worked in Tanzania until 1975, and then moved to Northumberland. Now her family has grown and flown, and she is retired from social work and psychotherapy practice. She works for two Charities for Tanzania: Suncatchers - to promote using the sun for cooking - and the Jitemegee School Building Project.
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