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Bye for Now

Authors: Lorraine Mariner

Published by The Rialto

ISBN: 9780952744474

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Lorraine Mariner's poem Thursday has been shortlisted in The Forward Prize 2007 for Best Single Poem


Your repeated use of the phrase
at the end of emails
convinced me that we had a future
until I noticed that BBC
news readers and weather reporters
say it to sign themselves off
secure in the knowledge
that some percentage of the population
will still be there later on
even for the World Weatherview
at one o’clock in the morning
even if they’re dead in their armchairs
waiting to be discovered by the neighbours.

Lorraine Mariner’s delightfully idiosyncratic poems are full of surprises. Consistently engaging, they are also – often when one least expects it - marked by a poignant tenderness....
John Mole

Lorraine Mariner’s off-beat poems are a breath of fresh air. Engaging and funny, they capture absurd moments in relationships and rely on the imagination to rewrite the past. With an attractive deadpan delivery and a particular gift for mixing heartbreak and hilarity, her first pamphlet announces the arrival of a unique and quite simply entertaining new voice on the UK poetry scene.

... In the way that she achieves language that balances humour and pathos, and in her wry, unsentimental take on the world, she is a modern day Stevie Smith.
Carole Satyamurti
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