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Cats' Parnassus

Published by Hearing Eye

ISBN: 9781870841009

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In this series of parodies, John Heath-Stubbs makes six of the cats celebrated by English poets speak in their own persons and in the style of their owners. They range from Dr. Johnson's cat, Hodge, to an anonymous caller on T.S.Eliot. No one who cares either for poetry or for cats can afford to miss this book.

"I bought a dozen copies of Cats Parnassus to give away. This is a marvellously clever and funny pamphlet."
Peter Levi, The Times

"The pleasure for me in reading these well produced books is the poetry of Heath-Stubbs, running in harness with the truly delightful drawings of Emily Johns."
Arthur Moyse, Freedom

"One of the leading poets of his generation, he believed his progressive blindness stimulated his imagination. John Heath-Stubbs provided a link to poetry as it was before modernism and the second world war, and to a form that predated the emergence of English as a language, the epic. None the less, he was no reactionary, but a major poet who displayed considerable versatility in his prolific output, which continued till the end of the 20th century.”
Michael Meyer, The Guardian

John Heath-Stubbs was born in London in 1918. His books of verse include Artorius (1972). In 1973 he was awarded the Queen’s Medal for poetry. He died on Boxing Day 2006.

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