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Conscious Oil: Myth and Mind in the Age of Petroleum

Published by Hearing Eye

ISBN: 9781905082605

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Oil is not represented by the equivalents of naiads or dryads or even King Coal, and yet oil has a personality; it is an agent in human affairs. it has a biography. Conscious Oil re-imagines human history from the point of view of that oil-entity. It explores the intricate connections between history, language and our geosphere.

Emily Johns is a printmaker who studied geography at Durham and immediately afterwards studied fine art at Goldsmiths, because pictures seemed to be the right medium in which to think about geography.

Anne Rouse is a poet who has had many residencies, including visiting fellowships in Glasgow and Belfast, and has published four books with Bloodaxe, including the collections Sunset Grill (1993) and Timing (1997) – both Poetry Book Society Recommendations.

Milan Rai is co-editor of Peace News and author of several books including Chomsky’s Politics and War Plan Iraq.

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