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Desk with A View

Authors: Brian Docherty

Published by Hearing Eye

ISBN: 9781905082339

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Green Suede Shoes

A sexy story about shoes has me wondering
if I am a latent foot fetishist or closet Elvis
impersonator since I catch myself crooning
‘All Shook Up’, Ahhahhah Ahhahhah Yeayeah,
into my hand, starting the swivel & pelvic shimmy,
till I realise I am in a room in Yorkshire
with a bunch of people who hardly know me,
who might start to question my mental health,
keep me busy with autographs & cameras
while they send out for the straitjacket…

Desk With A View
honours William Carlos Williams’ dictum that everything is fit material for poetry. He has poems on the legacy of Socialism, meditations on nationalism, sex and love, and personal elegies. These poems are informed by literary tradition without being inhibited by it, working in a lively, accessible contemporary idiom spiced by black humour.

“By turns elegiac, serious and funny, Docherty places descriptions of childhood and growing up against a wonderfully evoked background of popular culture and politics.” – Keith Blount, Weekly Post

“Brian Docherty writes well about politics and survival/exile” – Ian MacMillan, The Wide Skirt

“It is a pleasure to find work that has something to say with wit and perspicuity.” — Vernon Scannell, Ambit

'His philosophy: “grub first, then ethics” — Bertolt Brecht

Brian Docherty was born in Glasgow in 1953, and lives in north London. He has worked as a civil servant, hospital storeman, market trader, creative writing tutor and university lecturer. His first book of poems, Armchair Theatre, was published by Hearing Eye Press in 1999.

Since 1978, he has been a member of various workshops and poetry groups from Camden Voices to Vertical Images; he is currently a member of Islington Poetry Workshop and Word for Word Writers group.

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