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Dim and Distant Days

Authors: Larissa Miller

Published by Glas New Russian Writing

ISBN: 9785717200516

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Larissa Miller's memoir recounts her childhood in postwar Moscow, with reminiscences of her mother, a major journalist under Stalin, and of her father killed in World War II; the discovery of her Jewish identity; her first love; and reflections on the nature of literature and art. Her life has been closely connected with all the major events of the age which she relates with sober tenderness and insight.

"Miller recalls what it was like to come of age as a Jewish girl during Stalin's anti-cosmopolitan campaigns and beyond... Despite the taunts and the insults, despite her feeling that pogroms could begin any moment, Ms. Miller remains resilient and undaunted. Despite the deep-rooted tradition and repeated historical outbursts of anti Semitism in Russia, and the ongoing tension between Russians and Jews that makes many Jews feel like strangers in their own land, Russia for many is still the homeland, as Ms. Miller calls it." Jewish Forward

"Behind this childish facade was the real world of Stalinist Russia where her mother worked from dawn to dusk, where she was called a dirty kike Before even realizing that she was Jewish, a world of scarcity and death. Miller writes of a childhood of endurance, but she does so without bitterness or sentimentality."Sydney Morning Herald

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