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Doctor Mooze

Authors: Erik Ryman

Published by Bluechrome Publishing

ISBN: 9781906061043

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Panton di Villa was a ten-year-old boy who wanted to write a "Blog" and to get his revenge on a boy who had “taken his girl". The final 19 days of Panton di Villa’s life are shown to be as extraordinary as the way in which he tried to get her back.

Why not see the world through the eyes of your average cynical child, in this Sallinger meets Coupland classic that is most definitely not written for kids?

Doctor Mooze was originally released under the pseudonym Panton di Villa – the young boy who features in the story. As such the style of the writing and illustration is that which a boy of that age might like. A few reviewers weren’t sure about the authenticity, but despite themselves couldn’t rule it out. This second edition allows Erik Ryman to come out of the literary closet.

"For sheer everyday weirdness of the kind that rarely makes it to print, it's book of the month on Pulp.net, and hang the Booker nominations"
— Pulp.net

"I can see it as a Channel 4 programme, scaring Daily Mail readers shitless"
— Ian Bahlaj, Laura Hird

"..do yourself a favour; get a copy"
- The Journal
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