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Authors: Erik Ryman

Published by Bluechrome Publishing

ISBN: 9781906061531

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The Government has sold the country to a supermarket on eBay, only for the Civil Service to buy it back and launch their own benign dictatorship.

Ten years on, it is all going horribly wrong. There are Hairshirts on every corner, the incompetent Leader and his transvestite First Lady pole dance, and the dogs are being systematically eradicated to deflect attention from the ruling Department’s failure to achieve their promises.

Doggone is a modern fable: a surreal and bizarre satire on a world of spin greed, excess and the dangers of letting politicians rule unchecked.

“A fascinating and bold book." — Laura Hird

"For sheer everyday weirdness of the kind that rarely makes it to print, it's book of the month on Pulp.net, and hang the Booker nominations." — Pulp.net
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