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Everything Happens in Cable Street

Authors: Roger Mills

Published by Five Leaves Publications

ISBN: 9781907869198

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There are other histories of Cable Street apart from the famous Battle. For a while it was a red-light area, Maltese gangsters tried to run the streets, local writers set up the Basement Writers and the film To Sir, With Love was shot there, based on a local headteacher. Meanwhile plays, carnivals and the huge Mural continued to celebrate the Battle of 1936.

Part oral history, part investigation, the other stories of Cable Street are told in an unashamedly personal style.

Roger Mills is the author of A Comprehensive Education, and two novels for teenagers published by HarperCollins. He has written freelance articles about London and oral history for many educational and other papers, including The Guardian and has been assistant editor of Rising East - the journal of East London studies.
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