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Exile in His Own Country

Authors: Gareth Calway

Published by Bluechrome Publishing

ISBN: 9781904781943

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from The Road to Walsingham

...the chalky green valley slopes
off into heaven. I trace the gentle contours,
the lit, ascetic ash of winter Norfolk,
then light on the flooded stream, water of life
running over in an instant of absolute freedom;
the landscape turns to vision, lightning-flash
fully Earthed, sheep bleating like the bellows of
the pleasant purl of water on water.

"A collection of highly achieved work.... such a talented Welsh exile.... whose stance on matters Welsh is both thoughtful and provocative."
Neil Astley, Bloodaxe

"strong, passionate and, like all the best Welsh poetry, tinged with regret and humour without losing an ounce of lyricism."
Christopher Mills, Red Sharks

"...very alive with an alert use of words...."
Anne Lewis-Smith, Envoi Poets (Pembrokeshire)

"Many appealing poems in this (collection). Marked For Life is a recognisable and chilling scenario and First Year Drama an authentic report from the chalkface.... Other poems that struck me as particularly strong were Welsh Jokes, Death of a Dictator and Favourite. Also the first section of Torfaen Monologues.... A distinct Welsh element.... (not without its) ironies"
Harry Chambers, Peterloo Poets

"Superb: some wonderful poetry in this.... Marked For Life is quite brilliant."
James Sale, Director of the Schools' Poetry Association
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