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Fresh Fruit and Screams

Authors: Guinevere Clark

Published by Bluechrome Publishing

ISBN: 9781904781516

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Mother Button

Her tight skin suit
stretches transparent
over yellow bone and red.

Sharp new hips
jut -
like low bone wings
that shape shadows,
framing the salt pools
that lie, pulsing
in her mother button
as eel men
relax her,
etract her
soft eggasm.

Guinevere Clark's poetry has been described by Sophie Hannah as like ‘imagery on LSD’. Barnaby Legg - author of God Speed, reacted to Fresh Fruit and Screams saying that there’s ‘at least one “ wow” moment in every poem.’

Fresh Fruit and Screams is a vivid collection of poetry, travelling through sexual highs and lows, drug culture, urban depression, spiritual awakening and even attempts to re-write a few hard and fast tales. Fresh Fruit and Screams lords the natural world…from stunning seascapes to frogs, lambs and megalithic monuments. There is humour in Guinevere’s poetry as well as deep metaphysics. Her work ranges from autobiographical to pure fantasy…or is it? She writes with awe, passion and emotional intelligence. Fresh Fruit and Screams broaches contemporary politics and offers heart felt commentary on the world’s conflict.

Fresh Fruit and Screams is a cornucopia of rich imagery which touches on all things important.
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