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God's Game

Authors: Erik Ryman

Published by Bluechrome Publishing

ISBN: 9781904781226

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As a slice of the end of millennium malaise that punctured the New Labour bubble, God's Game was Erik Ryman's debut novel and perhaps one of the most imaginative and bizarre of the decade.

Available again as part of the bluechrome phoenix range, it features a graphic, cinematic view of religion, sex, violence, schizophrenia and some of the most dystopian father and son relationships in history.

We are quite sure that you will not have read another novel quite like this one. Special and truly unique.

"Sterne and Joyce garnered negative criticism for disregarding the taste boundaries of their times, and Ryman's experimental fiction certainly follows in their wake. If you don't want to read about the catastrophic usage of electric power tools as sex toys, then don't read God's Game, but if you don't read it, you'll miss a masterful tale that might say far more about the struggles facing mankind in the early 21st century than anything on the bestseller tables of the chain bookstores..."
Black Mountain Review

Comments on Ryman's Work:

"For sheer everyday weirdness of the kind that rarely makes it to print, it's book of the month on Pulp.net, and hang the Booker nominations"

"I can see it as a Channel 4 programme, scaring Daily Mail readers shitless"
Ian Bahlaj, Laura Hird

"..do yourself a favour; get a copy"
The Journal

"This novel introduces a new kind of Liberation Theology – remixing the apocalyptic beat aesthetics of On The Road and The Naked Lunch for the 1990s"
Gareth Calway
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