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Going, Going...

Authors: Leah Fritz

Published by Bluechrome Publishing

ISBN: 9781906061203

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Just Another Year

‘Just another New Year’s Eve’, I said,
Marking midnight’s newly fallen snow
with hubris heels, jaded sophisticate
on Maddison Avenue, my date in tow,
whoever he was. That’s me at 21.
And now, an altogether other age,
I hear the stranger’s laugh, my pose undone,
see the snapshot of my sparkling face
blushing in moonlight, feel the glancing kiss,
softness of some youthful mouth almost
retrieved, that snowdrift-slow approaching bus
catching us up like Cinderella’s coach —
too good to be true? Memory is like that, clear
as paperweight snow settling over the years.

Leah Fritz has lived in London for many years, but was born and spent much of her life in New York where she was noted for her writings about the American counter-culture – the non-violence, civil rights and feminist movements. Her two non-fiction books published there were widely acclaimed. Since moving to Britain she has concentrated on poetry, Going, Going... being her fourth collection published here.

It's beautifully economical for the momentous theme of motherhood and is told humorously, concretely, sophisticatedly and tellingly
— Herbert Loma, Ambit

Leah Fritz’s poetry constantly reminds its readers of the important problems of life – poverty, hatred, war – yes, these of course – but also love, respect, how ordinary, everyday things can be invested with a life-enhancing sensibility if viewed aright. Her diction is plain, her style taut, yet there is space within her poems for the reader to move around and explore deeper aspects than perhaps a first reading reveals, for hints of wit and irony enliven with a quiet rhetoric which leaves a feeling in the heart rather than an image in the reason. Leah Fritz's poetry always seems to celebrate life.
— Patricia Oxley, Acumen

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