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How to Tell Lies: G8 Handbook

Authors: Robin Bell

Published by Bluechrome Publishing

ISBN: 9781904781295

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The G8 summits show politics at its maximum of harmonius smiles and minimum accountability. Leaders of the most industrialised nations meet to announce that big problems are indeed big. They then go home and try to keep local voters happy.

Politics is about managing predators and prey. Evolution is not achieved by democratic global consensus, but by local individual action. So is the G8 useless? Certainly not. The time to worry is when politicians stop meeting.

How to Tell Lies, The G8 Handbook gives examples of how predators and prey, practice and detect deception in order to survive. Delivered in the form of fables, the book splits into two sections with advice on both the practice and detection of telling lies being given for each of a series of government departments.

Robin Bell is a Scottish writer, broadcaster and illustrator who lived overseas for many years. He has won Scotland’s premier arts honour, a Creative Scotland Award, and a Sony Academy Award for Best British Radio Documentary. His translations of the French poems of Mary, Queen of Scots, were internationally acclaimed.

His previous work has been described as:

“Quiet and meditative”
The Observer

“Splendid, beautifully written”
Financial Times

“Tout nimbée de grace poétique et marquée par l’espoir”
La Voix du Nord
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