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Judging by Disappearances

Authors: Alexis Lykiard

Published by Bluechrome Publishing

ISBN: 9781906061241

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Beautifully controversial, clinically insightful and perfectly weighted; Alexis Lykiard's poetry is all of these, yet there is an innate quality that threads through his work that very few can dream of matching.

"...sharp, cleaving, carving, piercing - bright, sharp, clean stabs"
Ted Hughes

"A touching sincerity"
Carole Morin, The Scotsman

"An odd but remarkable book"
William Trevor, The Spectator

"His work is reviewed by highbrow critics. But much of it is so filthy you wouldn't want to wrap your chips in it. In fact he penned one pair of ditties we wouldn't publish in a family newspaper like ours."
The Sun (page 3)

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