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Leading the Dance

Authors: Sarah Salway

Published by Bluechrome Publishing

ISBN: 9781904781882

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Secrets and their consequences run deep through Sarah Salway's short stories in this haunting and sharply written collection. A bored housewife welcomes the nomadic painter of family pets into her home and commissions a portrait of her fridge; a schoolboy learns how to survive when his gang turns against him; a man's life is turned around when he hears his wife make a new noise in bed, and in the title story, a dance between husband and wife at a school ceilidh turns into a battle for survival. This is domestic life turned on its head, with Salway's witty and economic prose capturing the private moments of transformation by some very different characters on the edge.

Praise for Sarah Salway's debut novel, Something Beginning With

"Both hilarious and heart-warming - and it's transformed into something even more original and captivating by the novel's unlikely obsession with the alphabet."
Red Magazine

"Salway has stitched together a delightful, original novel that both guides you and makes you search yourself ... The novel explores love and work, friendship and family, how people are connected - or disconnected - in various structures and the extent to which we can restructure our lives, keep making new beginnings."

"Quirky and funny, but also surprisingly poignant."
Daily Mail
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