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Les Chimères

Authors: Gerard de Nerval

Published by Menard Press

ISBN: 9781874320227

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A precursor of the symbolists and the surreallists, Gérard de Nerval has fascinated many major literary figures, including Proust and Breton, Eliot and Apollinaire, Michaux and Leiris. The great sonnet cycle, in its marvellous combination of spell, quest and dream, continues to fascinate writers, readers and that special category of writerly readers, translators. Menard's translator is the gifted young poet William Stone, who explains his work in a strongly worded essay: 'like a partly submerged crocodile, with one amber eye half open, the foreign line sits, waiting for the anxious translator to make a move'.

Bilingual Edition
Translated from the French by William Stone
With accompanying texts by Anne Beresford, Michael Hamburger, Norma Rinsler and William Stone
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