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Authors: Vicky Arthurs

Published by Iron Press

ISBN: 9780993124525

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This evocative collection of poems celebrates the bond between young and old, capturing time spent together and wonders shared. Inspired by childhood memories of her grandparents, Vicky Arthurs' vivid poems explore themes of love, war, nature and innocence.

“My grandparents’ home was a haven, their garden a place of wonder and discovery. Borders brimmed with blooms. A lush lawn gave way to apple trees, raspberry canes and row upon row of vegetables. Here we watched birds build their nests and listened to their chicks peeping in the hedges. We pulled potatoes from the earth and tasted fresh-picked fruit…

“Shaped by wartime, my grandparents were virtually self-sufficient. My grandfather hoed and dug, while my grandmother stewed, baked, bottled and preserved…”


Vicky Arthurs – from the introduction to Limehaven


"It's the best debut collection I've read in ages. This delightful, nostalgic book is a love letter to Vicky's grandparents. The poems are clever and beautiful..." - Elaine Cusack writing for The Journal's Culture Magazine

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