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Line of Flight

Authors: John McAllister

Published by Bluechrome Publishing

ISBN: 9781904781271

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This is the new Ireland, where the guns of former “freedom fighters” control drugs, money laundering, prostitution, the protection rackets…

Any money that Jimmy Terrance earned was by the sweat of his brow. Yet – or because of this – the Loyalist Council ask him to act as honest broker in a dispute between them and the IRA.

Old enemies form new alliances based on greed and power, and Jimmy’s own men start to die: by bullet, by bomb – and a harmless old car-park attendant is burned to death.

Jimmy finds himself fighting for not only the Peace Process and the life of the Queen of England, but the very existence of his own family.

John McAllister’s Line of Flight is more than just another thriller; it explores the aftermath of a peace process that has left fear, doubt and loathing to breed under the shiny new skin of reinvestment, forming a volatile cocktail that needs but the barest spark to ignite. McAllister’s skill at capturing the language and nuances of the main factions is impressive, but the warning it provides for those waging a war on terror is terrifying for us all.

"A strong charge of authenticity."
The Guardian

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