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Loss Adjuster

Authors: David Ashbee

Published by Bluechrome Publishing

ISBN: 9781904781578

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It took me half my life to realise
I was a born loss adjuster.

People seeing me at wrecks and disasters
assume I am a ghoul.

But there’s money in these bent fenders,
oil patches, fragments of skin.

You can’t put a price on a life, they say.
But I must barcode everything.

You have to, when your name’s on a list
and folk have expectations.

Sometimes I’m given a discreet carte blanche
when the family aren’t at home.

Early morning is the best time
before the scavengers come.

Adjusting loss is an acquired knack.
Most men are too sensitive.

I do retain a squeamish side
But I pull myself together and get on.

"An incisive poet, brilliant at conveying tactile sensations, the strangeness of the moment. There is something theatrical in these gifts…"
– UA Fanthorpe

David Ashbee was one of Enitharmon’s first new poets with Perpetual Waterfalls in 1989. Since then, publication of his work has been largely limited to small-scale anthologies, but he has regularly performed in schools and festivals, and at “Holub,” the Severnside poetry group he has run for 30 years. He claims to be the first, perhaps the only, poet to have a poem displayed on a council refuse truck!

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