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Mayakovsky, Russian Poet: A Memoir

Authors: Else Triolet

Published by Hearing Eye

ISBN: 9781870841832

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This life of the futurist of the Revolution by his lover, the novelist Elsa Triolet, was first published in French in 1945 as Maïakovski, poète russe. The memoir was written in 1939, nine years after the poet’s suicide at the age of 36, and later destroyed by the Gestapo.

Mayakovsky was Triolet’s first love, before he met her sister Lili Brik, with whom he lived from 1915 until his death. The book contains extracts of Mayakovsky’s work - some which has never before appeared in English - in new translations by Susan de Muth.

"This memoir is vividly written, biased, partial, incomplete. self-serving — and all the better for all of these things. Hearing Eye deserve our gratitude for making available this first English translation."
Glyn Pursglove, Acumen

"There's a frantic brilliance about this memoir that makes it difficult to put down. In fact, at times, Elsa Triolet's memoir seems more like a breathless telephone conversation with her mother than an acclaimed book written by a member of the French literary establishment."
David Floyd, 'When poets filled football grounds', Chartist

Susan de Muth has had an unusual and varied career - ranging from teaching in an Algerian state school on the edge of the desert to writing a column for the Independent. Her background is in journalism and recently she has translated several important surrealist and dada texts from French - mostly for publication by Tate Modern and the Surrealism Centre. She has also produced several short films and has an MA in writing for the screen. Her interest in theatre and performance was first ignited in 2002 when she toured a dramatised account, which she wrote and directed, of the life of the Russian poet Vladimir Mayakovsky.

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