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Rough Music

Authors: Patrick Osada

Published by Bluechrome Publishing

ISBN: 9781904781486

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January Sunday

Clinging high in a low tree,
A robin stopped to sing for me
And all the robin world.
Despite the cold and wintry day
It stayed - it did not fly away
And showed no fear of me.
Above my head, above the storm,
Fearless in the greying dawn,
It sang and sang again, "Rejoice!"

Patrick B. Osada has been widely published in poetry magazines, anthologies and on the internet. In 1996 his first collection, Close to the Edge, won the Rosemary Arthur Award for best first collection and was nominated for the Forward Prize.

His collection, Short Stories:Suburban Lives, (released in 2004 by Bluechrome) has been well received :

"Patrick B. Osada’s second collection is the immensely confident work of a writer who combines accessibility with an enormous range of forms. Here’s a very English voice that falls as easily into assured rhythms and rhymes, as it does exploratory verse. (His is) an intrepid and important new English voice."
Will Daunt, Envoi

Leslie Norris, one of the greatest Welsh poets of the Twentieth Century, remarked "I’ve not read anything quite like these poems…a very contemporary demotic voice."

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