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Surviving Love

Authors: Kevin Bailey

Published by Bluechrome Publishing

ISBN: 9781906061210

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In Surviving Love, two poets ñ a man and a woman ñ share their impressions of life, love, and the world. The man lives now, but the woman has been dust for nearly two and a half thousand yearsÖ and yet, despite the differences of sex, language, and time, there is a bond between them ñ a sharing of those common human experiences that seems to remain unchanging and constant : it is this that allows them, despite the span of ages, back and forth to communicate as friends, and perhaps, in some ways, as lovers. It is a book that clearly demonstrates that the nature of human love, suffering, imagination, personal reflections on the past, and fantasies about an unknown future, are constants at the very core of our humanity.

This book should reassure and remind us that when powerful nations have fallen, their monuments are in ruins, and the deeds of their ëgreatí leaders forgotten; one thing outlasts grandeur, hate, and hubrisÖ

As Philip Larkin says; ëWhat will survive of us is love.í ñ and the testament of surviving love is poetry.

"The love poems, especially the sequence Arthur & Amelie, are as good as any I've read in a long time - pure translucent, economical and erotic - an achievement to be proud of...a real lyric poet...a fine book."
Al Alvarez

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