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Tangled Roots

Authors: Sue Guiney

Published by Bluechrome Publishing

ISBN: 9781906061401

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ìTangled Roots is tender, drifting, and life-affirming, probing into the quiet spaces and blanks where brains become most active.î ó The Fringe Reports

Two people, an ageing son and his mother, roots forever entangled. . .

John, a forty-year-old Professor of Theoretical Physics, finds himself alone and stuck. Unwillingly, he faces a turning point where he must confront his past and accept it.

Grace, his mother, sits in her living room telling stories of their lives and so reveals her own view of ìwhat really happened.î

In Tangled Roots, two voices interweave and carry us from Boston to London to Moscow and back again. Through physics, religion, travel and even baseball, they express the often unknown, yet undeniable, influences one life will have on another.
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