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The Cool EP

Published by Bluechrome Publishing

ISBN: 9781906061340

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A new concept, the ‘Mono’ EPs are set to redefine the way people read short stories.

Produced using a classic design, the EPs, offer an affordable, pocketsize companion that can be taken and read anywhere – and there is no need for batteries.

Stylishly designed, the EPs will be available in four flavours, Cool, Groovy, Hip and Glam with each boasting three fantastic stories from some of the best short story writers around.

The first to be released is The Cool EP, which features stories from:

Patrick Chapman, author of The Wow Signal and Doctor Who: Fear of the Daleks;

Sarah Salway, author of Leading The Dance, Tell Me Everything and Something Beginning With; and,

Sally Spedding, author of Prey Silence, Strangers Waiting, Cloven and Wringland.

The four titles in the ‘Mono’ series are:

The Cool EP (January 2008)
The Groovy EP (April 2008)
The Hip EP (July 2008)
The Glam EP (October 2008)

All available at pocket-money prices
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