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The Harlequinade

Authors: AL Maloney

Published by Red Squirrel Press

ISBN: 9781906700348

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We are puppets of bone,
in a theatre of flesh.
All silent and still,
awaiting a script.

Severed marionettes
with no heart strings to pluck;
all silent and still,
under the last dust.

(after Samuel Beckett)

Ali Maloney is a performance writer, accomplished slam poet and pseudo-rapper with a particular interest in the crossover between spoken word and dark theatrics.

He has competed as part of Scotland's Slam Team on an international level and is also currently studying Physical Theatre with a particular interest in clown, bouffon and slapstick.

Drawing upon Dada, horror, sci-fi, cubist pantomime and concentrated epics his writings seek to create a grotesque carnival of reality and fantasy, blurred.
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