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The Lair

Authors: Leonid Latynin

Published by Glas New Russian Writing

ISBN: 9785717200769

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A wonderful limited edition collection of translated stories and poems by Leonid Latynin.

Latynin's apocalyptic novel has been published just at a time when his grim predictions are coming true....
— Le Monde

…over-determined allegory … it resonates with beguiling ideas.
— the Guardian

...A thought-provoking work... Intrigued readers of this demanding novel will be rewarded by its depth and originality.
— Publishers Weekly

The novel's true hero is its language which even in translation achieves a poetic intensity and a musicality that are mesmerizing.
— New York Times Book Review

Latynin is a convincing and disquieting ethnographer but he is also a born storyteller, perfectly at home in this fragmented age. ...His incantations possess a magic power... - Magazine Litteraire (Paris)

Leonid Latynin is one of the most original of the "post-realists" of Russian literature since the mid-1980s. His action and reality extend in a homogeneous, elastic temporality from the pre-Christian Russia through a near future of social decomposition. The novel makes an individual memory out of the total memory of a people. — from the "Postface" to the French edition

Leonid Latynin was born in 1938 in a small town on the Volga. In the private library of an Orthodox priest he discovered the pre-revolutionary Russian culture, which was in total contrast with the castrated literature taught at school. That made the strongest influence on his entire work.

After a series of manual jobs and the army service he graduated from Moscow University upon which he worked in various publishing houses while writing poetry and studying pre-Christian Russian culture. He published ten collections of his verse, but he only managed to publish his novels after perestroika: The Face-maker and The Muse in 1988; Sleeper at Harvest Time in 1993, and Stavr and Sara in 1994. Sleeper at Harvest Time was published in French translation by Flammarion in 1992, and in English translation by Zephyr Press in 1994.
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