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The Neon Rose

Authors: Fred Johnston

Published by Bluechrome Publishing

ISBN: 9781906061074

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A young Irishman sits in a Paris jail. He has confessed to a murder his lawyer is convinced he did not commit. There is a witness on the run in the city of Paris, and she, a young street kid, may have the answer. But his neurotic Paris lawyer, haunted by his own rural upbringing in an elite and snobbish profession, has more personal problems. The city of Paris is the principle character in this novella of frustrated idealism, art, love and crimes of the heart. And over everything hangs the shadow of the 'war on terror’.

FRED JOHNSTON was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, in 1951. His novels include Atlanta (Collins Press - Ireland) and Mapping God (Wynken de Worde) and he has published eight volumes of poetry. A collection of stories, Keeping the Night Watch, was published by Collins Press. His play, No Earthly Pole, on the life of explorer Sir John Franklin, was performed for Galway Arts Festival by Punchbag Theatre.

In 1972 he was one of the first recipients of a Hennessy Literary Award for prose. In the mid-seventies he co-founded, with film-maker Neil Jordan and playwright Peter Sheridan, The Irish Writers' Co-operative; in 1986 he founded Cúirt, Galway's annual literature festival, and four years ago he founded the Western Writers' Centre in Galway.

“...the writing is immense and the style like warm chocolate under a bright light” – E.V Ryman
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