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The Pair of Scissors That Could Cut Anything

Authors: Luke Yates

Published by The Rialto

ISBN: 9781909632004

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The Rialto Bridge Pamphlet Series, No. 7

"I'm always listening out for a new poet who can take the deceptively effortless, witty yet ultimately serious chops of the New York School, make it work for this generation and bring the whole thing in to land just outside a British city, losing nothing in transit. And God it's been worth the wait. This is a poetry of exquisite timing, with some of the most satisfying last lines I've ever read. Yates can take an everyday domestic detail and make it sparkle with the mystery of a Raedecker painting."
Luke Kennard

"Some of Luke Yates' images are so inventive that you just want to stop and live in them for a while. Truths appear in the night then disappear off into town, bounding away as Yates sets them free. This is a voice and a world we are certain to hear more of - writing on his nerves with a distinctly European sensibility: dreamlike, playful, seriously in pursuit of something."
Jane Draycott

"Luke Yates has a unique and exciting take on the world. The narratives of his poems slip and slide surreally but are always underpinned by a masterful precision of detail and idiom. His narrators exude both knowingness and innocence, and the poems themselves are simultaneously funny and sad, making a poignant commentary on modern life. He is brilliant."
Hannah Lowe

Luke Samuel Yates was born in 1983 in the North West of England. He was four times Foyles Young Poet of the Year and his work has appeared in The North, Smith's Knoll, The Manchester Review, The Rialto, Fleeting and on the London Underground. His first pamphlet, Thinking Inside the Box, inspired by the story of Henry 'Box' Brown, who escaped slavery by posting himself to Pennsylvania in 1849, was launched and performed from inside a wooden box at the late Philadelphia Institute for Advanced Study. Luke now lives in Manchester.

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