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The Rialto - 75

Published by The Rialto

ISBN: 22794-0268-5981

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Sasha Dugdale – ‘Woman Cutting Apples’, ‘Richard Woodman’

Matthew Sweeney – ‘The Piper’s Cave, ‘Nil’, ‘Sausages’

RA McRoy – ‘Guppy Primer’

Emily Berry – Two New Poems: Kim Moore – Three New Poems

Alison Winch in Rehab, Judith Kazantzis On The Beach Of Darlings

Janet Rogerson On Becoming A Poet In Less Than Five Years

Ramona Herdman At Home With Dragons: More Golf With Oliver Comins

Dean’s Rumours, Plus Poems From Charlotte Gann, Pete Hoida, Joel Lane,

Hannah Lowe, Rennie Parker, Patricia Pogson And Many Others

Cover by Peter Green.

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