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The Territory of Rain

Authors: Elizabeth Rimmer

Published by Red Squirrel Press

ISBN: 9781910437216

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Elizabeth Rimmer was born in Liverpool and moved to Scotland in 1977, where she has grown herbs, raised a family and studied for a MLitt on Medieval Romances. She has been active in eco-literary movements such as the Dark Mountain project and the Scottish Centre for Geopoetics and her poetry has been widely published in magazines and online.Her first collection, Wherever We Live Now (Red Squirrel Press) was published in 2011.

The Territory of Rain, set in the village in the Forth Valley where she has lived for thirty-two years, is her second collection, and deals with the different ways humans make their homes in a particular landscape—their observations and interactions with it, the structures they build or abandon there, the myths they create about it, and the way they shape and are shaped by it through what happens to them. 

‘This is a collection of finely observed gifts from the natural world crafted with care and an enviable flair for language. On every page Elizabeth Rimmer magnifies with colour and movement the landscape and small animal life which surrounds us. She approaches nature with a quiet spiritual awareness in contrast to her energetic use of language. This is not nature as passive observation; the landscape itself speaks and at times becomes a vehicle for myth and fairytale. These poems communicate beautifully with rich visual detail fused with a light lyrical touch.’ —Marion McCready

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