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The Weather in Kansas

Authors: Crista Ermiya

Published by Red Squirrel Press

ISBN: 9781906700997

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Crista Ermiya’s stories are fairytales for the disenfranchised. Witches, immigrants, beasts, ghosts, and people under the house arrest of reality TV, paint a portrait of what the 21st century freak show may look like. It’s not as simple as we once thought. Here, the marginalised live in shared accommodation and council flats in the North East. They look just like us, they are us. I could hear the soft beat of their disappointed hearts.” Angela Readman, winner of the Costa Short Story Award.

“There is more than a touch of magic realism about Crista Ermiya’s stories. She draws the reader into uncommon, self-contained worlds and gives voice to a horde of vivid characters whose history and fate swiftly charm us.” Kitty Fitzgerald, author of Pigtopia.

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