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The Wolf Inside

Authors: Donald Gardner

Published by Hearing Eye

ISBN: 9781905082711

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Inner self and outer world are inextricable in these poems, while dreams become the new realism. In one poem the narrator survives his own death and visits the office where he spent his days; in another the apparatus of literary criticism is directed away from the poetry and levelled at the poet instead.

Some of these poems are set in the city where Donald Gardner has made his home; but in ‘In Berenstraat’ Amsterdam appears as an archaeological ruin, conveying a sense of exile that is spiritual more than literal. While the dominant mode of these poems is dark comedy, Gardner’s work also sometimes has a lyrical charm or displays a concern for the future of our prematurely aging planet.

Donald Gardner has been writing poetry since 1963, giving readings in London, New York and Amsterdam. He has lived out of England much of his life, moving to Holland in 1979, where he works as a freelance translator. His book of translations of the poetry of Remco Campert, I Dreamed in the Cities at Night (ISBN: 9781604614364), was published by Arc in 2007. Recent collections include How to Get the Most out of your Jet Lag (Ye Olde Font Shoppe, 9781889289519) and The Glittering Sea (Hearing Eye, 2006, 9781905082162.) At present he divides his time between Amsterdam and Kildare.

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