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Their Mountain Mother

Authors: Edmund Prestwich

Published by Hearing Eye

ISBN: 9781905082469

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This single long poem with four plates by printmaker Emily Johns deals with Lesotho, 1820-1824. Invaded by starving hordes from across the mountains, the Southern Sotho chiefdoms collapse in massacre and starvation. The tiny Mokoteli clan lies directly in the path of the invaders. The Mokoteli chief Moshoeshoe is both brave and wise. But will he be able to lead his people to safety?

"Edmund Prestwich’s small epic of indigenous Africa shows how a single figure can be the focus of a whole race. It is powerful story telling, adroit and incantatory. Laid throughout with rich, moving detail, it achieves great pathos and mythical force."
Ian Pople

"Emily Johns’ powerful linocuts continue the notable tradition of political illustration epitomized by the likes of Clifford Harper and Kathe Kollwitz."
Gareth Evans, Time Out

"This is beautiful writing, and it is a grand story with arresting illustrations from Emily Johns. At no point did I doubt the imaginative reality, the absolute commitment of Prestwich to reliving this tale. I was there with him."
Helena Nelson, Ambit
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