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Authors: Nenko Joretsu

Published by Bluechrome Publishing

ISBN: 9781906061197

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Coke on ice
Tweedy fleabitus
Christina bipolar knees
Helps ewes workrestandplay

This book contains the collected recent work of Japanese reviewer, poet and artist, Nenko Joretsu. It brings together for the first time Joretsu's idiosyncratic yet bitingly perceptive view of the shallow, ephemeral nature of celebrity and its "emperor's new clothes" celebration of branding; depicting – via his white-noise altered-state, stream of consciousness poetry - key events, movements, proponents and apologists with the satirical bite of a post-modern Kafka.

Joretsu is the greatest living Japanese Surrealist. His writings redefine the link between art and commercialism, providing a looking glass that we can all use to magnify the ridiculousness of celebrity and a branded culture.
— Erik Ryman

Joretsu’s work has never previously been published in book form, instead being distributed via classified columns, "Letters To The Editor" and on magnetic postcards that Joretsu has habitually placed on trains leaving his native Osaka, travelling from his home in London, to do so.

Nenko Joretsu was born in Osaka in 1969, moving to Ontario in his teens before settling in London in the mid-1990s. He has exhibited his white-noise-poetry-art in many galleries across the USA and was once arrested trying to exhibit a painting without invitation in the J. Paul Getty Museum of Los Angeles.
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