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Truths and Disguises

Authors: Oz Hardwick

Published by Bluechrome Publishing

ISBN: 9781904781776

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Truths & Disguises is the first of the new 'Word of Mouth' series for bluechrome, that aims to introduce new poetic voices from around the UK and beyond. This time around, Oz Hardwick has selected the eight best poets that he knows of that are yet to have a first UK collection published, and gives them the opportunity to showcase their talents. Truths & Disguises is an excellent introduction to a selection of poets that we are quite sure you will hear a lot more from in the coming years.

Featuring work from: Amina Alyal, Paul Coleman, Melanie Duckworth, Clarissa Ford, Dave Gough, Amy Rootvik, Patrick Smith, Nicolas Spicer.

Oz Hardwick's second collection of poetry, Carrying Fire is beautifully crafted and sure to establish him as an important new voice. His first collection The Kind Ghosts, received uniformly positive reviews:

"convincingly show(s) that he is, indeed, an artist."
Bernard M. Jackson

"Oz Hardwick is a poet who defies schools and boundaries, and his words soar."
Dee Rimbaud

"I was happy to sing the book's praises, and I will do so to anyone else who listens."
Gary Bills
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