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Walking on Tiptoe and other Poems

Published by Bluechrome Publishing

ISBN: 9781904781677

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Two days I lay on twisted sheets;
belly, thighs, breasts glistening.

I haunt north London streets again:
here is glass in my foot, the blood black on my
and you, stooping to kiss my back
as you fix the hook on my dress;
here is a railway station, tracks sliding away,
your face buried in my hair.
These are the fires of strangers:
a glance, a hand, words snagging on small agonies.

On the third day, through miles of wire,
you thread me these: camomile, honey, kiss.

Elizabeth Barrett, the mother of a severely autistic child, published her first book in 1998 to acclaim from the autism community as well as praise from reviewers. Communication, the official journal of the National Autistic Society, described Walking on Tiptoe, the collection’s title poem, as ‘moving free-verse reliving the unforgettable pain of knowledge, the blow in the heart’ and described Barrett as ‘a poet writing true to the experience, marrying emotion with poise.’
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