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What I Saw

Authors: Laura Scott

Published by The Rialto

ISBN: 9781909632011

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The new Rialto Bridge Pamphlet What I Saw by Laura Scott is a welcome edition to their already blossoming pamphlet backlist.


‘Laura’s poems seem to have been blown in on a breath of wind and air.  A true lyric poet, she knows how to ‘paint light’, how to arrest our fleeting moments of sensation, those images in the corner of our eye, and magnify them so that we feel more sentient, more fully alive. And beyond the lyricism, a supple and questioning intelligence is quietly at work. I love her poems for their freshness, subtlety, and their delicate power to surprise.’

Mimi Khalvati

‘Laura Scott’s subtle, haunting poems pierce the surface without strain, and they encapsulate a sense of what is beyond, yet can be vividly glimpsed. Frequently, they astonish with their imaginative leaps, their lightly achieved transcendence:

And for a moment, the father looked up
from his work and was scared by the boy
who could paint God’s light across the water,
the air’s joy at being empty-handed.

Clearly, this pamphlet announces a very valuable new voice.’

Moniza Alvi

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