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A Certain Koslowski: The Director's Cut

Authors: Michael Augustin

Published by Arc Publications

ISBN: 9781910345566

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Is it true, someone asks, that regardless of what one asks you, one always receives a wrong answer? Thats right! says Koslowski.


Koslowski is everyone and no one, a tragic figure who stumbles through life in resigned bewilderment at the trials and bizarre coincidences thrown in his path. These brief prose pieces have a style and attraction all their own, by turns wonderfully surreal and laugh-out-loud funny.


With strange and beautiful illustrations by Hartmut Eïng, this new edition, 24 years on, includes brand-new pieces about Koslowski's life, loves and losses, alongside the classic texts from the original edition.


Koslowski swears, cross my heart and hope to die, that many years ago he personally met Huckleberry Finn. But he is merely a literary character! someone protests. So am I, says Koslowski.

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