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Empires of Clay

Authors: Becky Cherriman

Published by Cinnamon Press

ISBN: 9781910836361

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Confident, deft and inventive, Empires of Clay is the first full-length collection from performer, poet and community activist, Becky Cherriman.

Taking us into a world that is at once anchored and real, yet never predictable or what it seems, these poems are alive with surprising moments. So a doctor collects droplets from a couple making love in the shower ‘for tinctures and ointments, / cures for lonely hearts / and hopelessness’, whilst a mother and daughter share ‘a Eucharist of grain and fruit’.

Spanning territory from self-harming to single motherhood, from austerity to living with wolves, these are a vibrant, evocative and challenging poems that resonate long after reading, impressing their distinctive and humane narratives onto us.

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