Acumen - Issue 75

Acumen - Issue 75

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Poems: Stephen Devereux, Lynne Taylor, James Andrew, Mark A. Murphy, A.D. Harvey, Tim Cunningham, Kim Moore, Terry Quinn.

Interview with Duncan Forbes.

Poems:  Ian Caws, Chris Rice, Wendy French, Chris Sparkes, Gorden Scapens, Kathleen M. Quinlan, Greta Rana.

Personal Memories of Jack Clemo – Marjorie Fenston James.    

Poems: Noel Duffy, Fred Beake, Richard O’Connell, Tim Love, Simon Richey.      

Poetry Makes Nothing Happen – Pamela Williams and John Snelling.      

Poems: Peter Phillips, Kathleen M. Quinlan, Robert Hamberger, David Olsen, William Oxley.


Poems: Dinah Livingstone, Michael Jennings, India Russell, Roy Davids, Lynne Hjelmgaard, Michael Newman, Jeremy Young.

Approach to Poetry – Colin Moss.           

Poems: Patrick Osada, Norman Buller, Sean Street, Keith Parker, Patricia Griffin, Jennie Osborne, Bridget Thomasin.

Talking with Ciaran Carson – J.P. O’Malley.          

Meeting Basil Bunting – Roy Davids.       

Poem:  Benedict Newbery.        

Reviews:  William Oxley, Sebastian Barker, William Bedford, John Miles, R.V. Bailey, C.J.P. Smith, June Hall, Wendy French, Nigel Jarrett, Hilary Davies.

Poetry Comment: Christopher J.P. Smith.

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