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Acumen is a literary journal that places an emphasis on poetry. The magazine is edited by Patricia Oxley who herself is not a writer but a reader of poetry. She has been editing the magazine for twenty-five years in 2010 and has taken it into the twenty-first century with some of the best poetry and criticism being written today. Acumen publishes a varied and impressive list of poets and critics.



Poems   Danielle Hope, Sophie Clarke, Eleanor Porter, Miriam Scott, Margaret Wilmot, Roy Davids, Nicola Warwick, Martin Johns, Patricia Griffin.

Interview with Anne-Marie Fyfe. 

Poems: Karen Jane Cannon, Tim Cunningham, Rupert M.Loydell, Malcolm Povey, Jeri Onitskansky, Simon Zonenblick.

The Implications of Feeling – Robert Griffiths. 

Poems: David Perman, Shanta Acharya, Kevin Graham, Huw Lawrence, Marieluise Niehus, Frances Sackett.


Poems: Jeremy Young, Daniel Roy Connelly, Michael Jennings, Jennifer A. McGowan, George Manuell, Fred Beake, Rik Wilkinson.

Time, Timelessness and Tyranny – Fred Beake. 

Poems: Jonathan Steffen, Lotte Kramer, Anne Britting Oleson, Sue Guiney, M. V. Williams.

Poetry in Translation – Timothy Adès (Bertolt Brecht), Liang Yujing (Zuo You), Ranjit Bolt (Martial).

In Conversation with Medbh McGuckian – J.P. O’Malley. 

Poems: Abin Chakraborty, Michal Henry, John Light, Linda Rose Parks, Sarah Williams, Peter Dale, Kathleen Kummer, Neil Elder.

Reviews: Fred Beake, William Oxley, William Bedford, Edmund Prestwich, C.J.P. Smith, Kim Moore.

Poetry Comment. 

Obituary: Seamus Heaney.