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Three Symphonies

Authors: Tony Conran

Published by Agenda Editions

ISBN: 9781908527257

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In his final group of symphonies, revered Welsh poet, Tony Conran explores life, love, theology, creation, creativity and even historical themes using a wide range of poetic and imaginative techniques. The three symphonies complement and contrast with each other and show the poet still at the height of his imaginative power.  The imagery draws on science, religion, family life (in The Magi), work (in Fabrics), the poetic and creative experience (in Everworlds); displaying humour, wonder and compassion for the human predicament.

In his perceptive introduction to the poetry Jeremy Hooker writes: ‘Three Symphonies draws on their maker’s life-story, but as part of the story of life itself, and with an objectivity that subsumes personal emotion in a larger rendering of human experience in relation to the natural and divine creation. What Conran enacts in these poems is a sacred drama.’

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