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Sardines and Oranges

Published by Banipal Books

ISBN: 9780954966614

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Short stories from North Africa.

This first volume of translated short stories from North Africa, is a timely publication for both the Africa 2005 cultural events and the Save Our Short Story campaign.

Many of the 21 authors are major literary figures in their own countries and the Arab world, who have broken with taboos and censorship, and established standards of innovation that have encouraged younger generations of authors.

The 21 authors are:
Latifa Baqa, Ahmed Bouzfour, Rachida el-Charni, Mohamed Choukri, Mohammed Dib, Tarek Eltayeb, Mansoura Ezeldin, Gamal el-Ghitani, Said al-Kafrawi, Idriss el-Kouri, Ahmed el-Madini, Ali Mosbah, Hassouna Mosbahi, Muhammad Mustagab, Hassan Nasr, Rabia Raihane, Tayeb Salih, Habib Selmi, Izz al-Din Tazi and Mohammed Zefzaf.
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