Glad of These Times

Glad of These Times

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A celebrated winner of fiction's Orange Prize, Helen Dunmore is as spellbinding a storyteller in her poetry as in her novels. Glad of These Times is full of haunting, joyous and wry narratives. These new poems explore the fleetingness of life, its sweetness and intensity, the short time we have on earth and the pleasures of the earth, and death as the frame which sharpens everything and gives it shape.

Glad of These Times is Helen Dunmore's first poetry book since Out of the Blue: Poems 1975-2001, a comprehensive selection drawing on seven previous collections. It brings together poems of great lyricism, feeling and artistry.

"An electrifying and original talent, a writer whose style is characterised by a lyrical, dreamy intensity."
The Guardian

"One of this country's finest literary talents."
Daily Telegraph

"Dunmore gets a wonderful balance between delicate, exact, surprising language and very strong thought ñ which may be bitter, sardonic, or violent, tender, or wildly imaginative, but is always generous ÖA lovely poetic electricity runs through her poems."
Sean O'Brien & Ruth Padel, PBS Bulletin

"This is a poet whose words can be savoured on the tongue."
Iain Crichton Smith, Glasgow Herald