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The London Magazine - December / January 2011

The London Magazine - December / January 2011

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The final issue of The London Magazine for 2010 features:

Poems by Kaddy Benyon, Matthew Francis, Giles Goodland, Geoffrey Heptonstall, Terry Jones, Andrew McMillan, Chris Rice, Róisín Tierney and P. Ivan Young.

Short stories by Peter Somerville-Large and Trevor Wadlow.


'The Pilgrim of Eternity: on Dante’s La Vita Nuova and Commedia': Peter Abbs discusses a revolutionary Catholic self.

'Waning Genius in Venice': Bruce Anderson revels in some unexpected delights at the National Gallery’s Canaletto exhibition.

'Racine in Mary McCarthy’s A Charmed Life': Jeffrey Meyers explores some uncomfortable parallels in fiction.

'An Uncollected Poem and the “Madrid Journal”': Derwent May introduces another London Magazine exclusive: Peter Robinson’s discovery of a lost Bernard Spencer poem and diary.

'The Cloister and the Art': Simon Tait considers the relationship between art and its religious settings as it is announced that St. Paul’s Cathedral will host its first permanent installation.


Kaddy Benyon, Riptide
Matthew Francis, Three poems
Giles Goodland, Moon and Little Nina
Geoffrey Heptonstall, Providence
Terry Jones, A Letter to Wat Tyler
Andrew McMillan, Distances
Chris Rice, Roadworks Tehran 1978
Róisín Tierney, Lluvias
P. Ivan Young, Two poems


Peter Somerville-Large, ‘Deb’s Delight’
Trevor Wadlow, ‘Big Face’


Peter Abbs: 'The Pilgrim of Eternity: on Dante’s La Vita Nuova and Commedia'
Bruce Anderson: 'Waning Genius in Venice'
Jeffrey Meyers: 'Racine in Mary McCarthy’s A Charmed Life'
'Bernard Spencer: An Uncollected Poem and the "Madrid Journal"'
Simon Tait: 'The Cloister and the Art'
Terry Waite: 'Non-Negotiables'


Frank Armstrong: Fridge-Age Man in the Nutritional Cacophony (Jean-Claude Kaufmann’s ‘The Meaning of Cooking’)
Alison Donnell: Kindness and Truth (Kei Miller’s ‘A Light Song of Light’)
Eleanor Kilroy: An Inimitable Journey (Tim Mackintosh-Smith’s ‘Landfalls: on the edge of Islam with Ibn Battuta’)
Priscilla Martin: Murdoch’s London (Cheryl Bove and Anne Rowe’s ‘Sacred Space, Beloved City: Iris Murdoch’s London’)
Erik Martiny, Risky Rhetoric (Tony Hoagland’s ‘Unincorporated Persons in the Late Honda Dynasty’)